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3 Safar

Sayyid Ibn Tawus writes down on the authority of the books of some Imamiyyah scholars that it is recommended, on the third of Ṣafar, to offer a two unit prayer at the first of which Surah al-Fātiḥah and Surah al-Fath (No. 48) should be recited and at the second, Surah al-Fātiḥah and Surah al-Tawḥīd should be recited. After completion, invocation of blessings upon the Holy Prophet and his Household, invocation of curse upon the Umayyad, and imploration for forgiveness repeated one hundred times each. After that, one may pray for granting his needs. The invocation of curse upon the Umayyads should be in the following form:

اللّهمّ العن ال ابى سفيان