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9 Rabī‘ al-Awwal

The ninth of Rabī’ al-Awwal is a feast day, which is called ‘Id al-Baqr (Feast of Stabbing).

It has been narrated that to give alms on this day brings about forgiveness of sins. It has been also said that it is recommended, on this day, to offer food, make a brethren-in-faith happy, confer upon one’s family members with gifts, new clothes, and all that they need, praise and thank Almighty Allah, and practice acts of worship to Him.

This day, which is also a holy day, is thus the day of removing grievances and sorrows. As the previous day was the day of Imam al-Hasan al-’Askari’s martyrdom, the ninth of Rabī’ al-Awwal is thus the first day in the Imamate of Imam al-Mahdi, may Allah hasten his advent. This is an additional point of happiness on this day.